The Wine making

After the manual harvest and the double sorting completed by a mechanical sorting through the Wine Selective Process, the grapes are destemmed and slightly crushed before they are cooled and brought into the thermo-regulated vats where they sink to the bottom through their weight. The little vats allow to vinify each parcel and grape variety separately.
During the pre-fermentation and the maceration, the temperature is kept low and the wine undergoes several pumping overs to extract the colour and the delicate fruit aromas out of the skin of the grapes.
Then starts the alcoholic fermentation and we spray the marc to provide sufficient oxygen necessary for the yeast to develop. Moreover, the oxygen will encourage the further extraction of the colour and the tannins which we find in the skin of the grape, leading to a stabilization of the colour by the released tannins.
The malolactic fermentation generally proceeds on marc before the drawing off and the pressing of the marc. The wine obtained after the pressing will be treated separately.

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